PACS-X Financial Management

PACS-X Financial Management


Capture the total occupancy cost of your portfolio and measure financial performance using key metrics


Robust financial management and planning is critical to the success of any corporate real estate organisation. The key measures of success from the CFO’s and C suite focuses on financial results and our platform delivers a complete range of financial metrics.

To deliver these results CRE leaders require access to accurate, transparent occupancy cost data for their portfolio, regardless of whether this is held in the ERP system or supplier systems. We will analyse this data regardless of where it is held and provide complete transparency of all cost data.

Controlling supply chain expenditures and minimising rogue spend is essential and this can easily be achieved by deploying our integrated purchase order and supplier invoicing portal.

This data needs to be accessible anywhere, anytime in a consistent format and analysed to track all key metrics.

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  • Flexibility to create cost centres for each location, lease or sub-lease.
  • Ability to create a standard chart of accounts and map to supplier/client COA’s for consistent reporting.
  • Global exchange rates are built into the database to manage consolidated reporting.
  • Supplier portal to issue all purchase orders and control receipt of supplier invoices.
  • Financial management of each cost centre includes budget, forecast and actual cost categories.
  • Capital expense planning by cost centre, location or project.
  • A full financial reporting suite and library for storing financial processes and procedures is also available.


  • Transparent occupancy cost data across the portfolio.
  • Consistent financial reporting.
  • Accurate forecast of expenditure.
  • Track financial results using key metrics.
  • Global reporting using clients monthly exchange rates.
  • Ability to benchmark across CRE operation.
  • Optional interface with client enterprise accounting solution.
  • Minimise miss-booking of invoices through the use of our supplier invoicing portal.
  • Control expenditure using our integrated purchase ordering system.