PACS-SOURCING Supply Chain Management

PACS-SOURCING Supply Chain Management


Enhancing the value of the supply chain requires robust and comprehensive supplier relationship management underpinned by a comprehensive P2P solution


Most corporate real estate organisations are supported by an extensive supply chain of collaborators.

Maximising the value derived from the supply chain requires a comprehensive supplier relationship management process and this is embedded within PACS-SOURCING.

Value is not limited to cost reduction, but includes efficiency delivered from E-Sourcing, enhanced performance delivered by the supplier performance management process and risk mitigation through contract compliance and audit processes.

PACS-SOURCING embraces the whole supplier management process from sourcing, compliance to performance and is fully integrate with our P2P financial management module.




  • Supplier/contract management database.
  • Standard supplier pre-qualification process.
  • A bespoke E-Bid tool to manage all sourcing initiatives using standard templates.
  • Critical date management for all contracts.
  • Supplier selection tool.
  • Supplier performance management tool and supplier quality assessment (SQA) for contract compliance/audit.
  • Supplier satisfaction survey tool.
  • Savings tracker providing full audit history of sourcing initiatives.


  • Enhance the value delivered by your supply chain.
  • Reduce cost.
  • Purchase to pay capability using our web based supplier portal to issue. purchase orders and capture supplier invoices.
  • Provide an auditable sourcing and savings tracking process.
  • Ensure supplier performance is managed.
  • Ensure contract compliance is adhered to.
  • Provide a consistent supplier relationship management process.
  • Manage and mitigate your supply chain liabilities.