PACS-RISK A complete risk management solution for the entire real estate cycle

PACS-RISK A complete risk management solution for the entire real estate cycle


A fully integrated risk management tool embracing the whole risk management process providing a full audit trail of each risk assessment to manage performance and measure compliance


Managing corporate compliance is critical to the success of every business. PACS-RISK enables a wide range of health and safety risk assessments to be performed by the appropriate competent resource, whether directly employed by the client or a third party supplier. 

PACS-RISK ensure that each assessment is performed using a consistent audit template and automates appropriate actions for any non-conformances.

PACS view compliance as a performance issue rather than merely complying with legislation. Good compliance performance contributes to good business performance, then everyone benefits.




  • Health & Safety policy framework.
  • Management planning module.
  • Customisable risk assessment templates.
  • Action tracker.
  • Accident and reporting module.
  • A full reporting capability for all compliance activities.


  • Consistent risk management process.
  • Automate the risk assessment process to deliver efficiencies and reduce cost.
  • Ability to “Integrate” risk assessment data from existing supplier solutions to provide a consistent reporting framework.
  • Measure performance of risk assessment providers.
  • Provide an auditable compliance process.
  • Supports multiple users (external auditors/suppliers).