PACS-MARK Performance Management

PACS-MARK Performance Management


The performance dashboard is the heart of the IWMS providing direct access to key performance indicators, reports and charts


Proactive management of performance is critical to the success of any organisation. Our basic philosophy is built around the concept of “measure, manage, improve” – what isn’t measured is unlikely to improve.

Providing universal access of performance KPI’s to those that need it drives behaviour to focus on results and concentrate of strategic goals, aligning the organisation around these primary goals and objectives.

Our performance dashboards are fully customisable by user with drill down to underlying real time data.




  • Each user can choose a dashboard to set as their home page.
  • Each individual module includes it’s own dashboard in addition to the main dashboard.
  • Each user can customize their own dashboards to suit their own KPI’s and create their own balanced scorecard charts and reports.
  • A drill down facility is available for each report/chart to enable interrogation of underlying data.
  • Automated monthly reports can be generated using standard templates.
  • Specific targets for key metrics can be loaded enabling detailed reports to measure progress.


  • Improves visibility of real estate performance across portfolio.
  • Improves decision making.
  • Reduces costly errors.
  • Drives a culture of performance improvement across organisation.