PACS E-Bid Tool

PACS E-Bid Tool


Web based sourcing tool specifically designed for the real estate and facilities management market


The financial savings associated with web based E-Sourcing is significant.

Using our advanced E-Bid tool specifically designed for the real estate market demonstrates an understanding of the sector and maximizes the competitive tension in the bid process.

With access to a range of service catalogue specifications and customisable pricing templates out E-Bid tool can deliver value from day 1.

The E-Bid tool is fully integrated within our IWMS and the chosen suppliers SLA and contract can be automatically captured on completion of the E-Bid event.

Overtime the client can build a library of E-Bid events to drive continual improvement and enable benchmarking across key service lines.




  • A range of standard E-Bid templates for various RE/FM service lines.
  • Customisable events to meet client needs.
  • Flexible bid structure – instructions, information provided, responses required, terms & conditions and pricing.
  • Customisable supplier selection process including invited users.
  • On line Q&A facility to control all dialogue with market during sourcing event.
  • Automated terms and conditions reporting including RAG assessment process.
  • A range of standard reports to compare commercial submissions.


  • Delivers increased savings.
  • Demonstrates openness, transparency and competiveness in managing the supply chain.
  • Auditable sourcing process including supplier selection.
  • Web based repository of data provided and supplier submissions.
  • Automated financial analysis and assessment of terms and conditions.
  • Reduces time to source and drives consistency of sourcing process.