A complete integrated workplace management solution, designed to measure performance, monitor compliance and drive improvements across the entire Real Estate Cycle

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  • PACS IWMS provides our clients the “Business Intelligence” to manage the performance of their real estate portfolio.
  • Our customer centric tools are designed around the user journey simplifying the user experience and maximising efficiency.
  • A web based business intelligence platform designed specifically for senior property and facilities executives.
  • Focus on strategic management information delivering high value output for a very competitive cost.
  • Supports all operating models; in-house, outsourced, management providers and TFM solutions.
  • Integrates with Enterprise systems to provide transparent access to real time data to those that need it.
  • Data is captured once and shared seamlessly across platform.
  • A common operating platform with single user interface.
  • Provides the flexibility to accommodate client specific customization.
  • Scalable integrated platform providing clients the flexibility to use the modules that deliver the most value.



PACS-TOOLS can be used on most mobile devices and includes a new mobile App that enables assessments and audits to be completed off-line and sync with the PACS-TOOLS client domain when re-connected to the internet.

The demand for mobile applications to streamline work flow processes and enhance productivity is increasing across our industry and we are now well placed to meet this demand.




  • Fully integrated solution increases operating efficiency and improves performance.
  • Reduces cost of multiple systems (both supplier and client).
  • Provides clients with the “intelligence” to manage multi supplier arrangements.
  • Consistency of workflow processes and user interface simplifies training and improves user experience.
  • Identifies opportunities to reduce cost.
  • Manages contractual obligations and risks.
  • Auditable decision support and compliance.
  • Enables internal benchmarking.
  • Provides a single management system to support multiple collaborator operations.
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