"What gets measured gets improved"


A complete integrated workplace management solution, designed to measure performance, monitor compliance and drive improvements across the entire Real Estate Cycle


PACS-TOOLS combine smart people with smart technology to provide advanced business analytics for the next generation of ‘High Performing’ Real Estate and Facilities organisations.

Our fully integrated suite of web-based tools are specifically designed to manage change, drive performance and support strategic decisions.

We continually invest in our tools platform and now have 10 fully integrated modules within our Workplace Management Solution (IWMS) providing “Business Intelligence” for senior executives to manage the performance of their Real Estate Portfolio.

Let us help you "Join the Dots" and drive tangible process improvements to support your journey towards operational excellence.




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1. Optimised Workflows

The level of integration in PACS-TOOLS ensures that data is captured once and shared seamlessly across the platform. Users can access related data from any module of the tool using customisable workflow processes to continuously improve operating efficiency.

3. Easy to use & Implement

A simple and consistent user interface built around client specific user journeys ensures that PACS-TOOLS is easy to deploy on a global scale with limited user training. Our data import utility enables interface with other systems to ensure data integrity is maintained at all times.

2. Reduces Cost

PACS-TOOLS provides a fully integrated platform that enables clients to continuously improve productivty across the entire corporate real estate organisation and deliver real cost savings when compared to best in breed traditional solutions available in the market.

4. Process Consistency

PACS-TOOLS provides a common operating platform with a single user interface using standard workflow processes to ensure a common way of doing things and replicability to drive consistency and provide a single version of the truth to all users when and where they need it.